Alpha-GPC is a choline-based supplement that crosses the blood-brain barrier which increases it's bioavailability and absorption as compared to other choline-containing supplements, making it the preferred source of choline on the market today. Alpha-GPC also has a variety of benefits and effects that make it useful for anyone. Alpha-GPC usage promotes enhanced cognition, increases power output, improves memory recall and has neuroprotective properties which may aid in cognitive aging decline. The best part about all these effects is that Alpha-GPC is non-stimulatory which makes it the ideal addition to any stimulant based or non-stimulant based stack.†

elevATP® has been shown in clinical studies to support bodies internal production of mitochondrial ATP. This provides non-stimulatory energy that promotes increased power output and training volume. Improving endurance and reducing performance decline due to overtraining.†

Natural Caffeine from Coffea Arabica (Bean) is a methylxanthine stimulant capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Its high bioavailability in the central nervous system makes it a powerful tool for improving mood, focus, energy, and even athletic performance.†


VitaShure® Caffeine SR (60% Caffeine) microencapsulated slow-release caffeine for hours of balanced energy.