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Founder's Story: From the US Navy to the Pickleball Court

In the fast-paced world of pickleball, where quick reflexes, focus, and energy make all the difference, one founder's journey began with a unique blend of dedication and experience. Meet Justin Rumley, the visionary behind PicklElite and the game-changing FLOWKAPS.Justin started his journey with supplements while lifting weights during his time in the Navy, discovering their potential to enhance performance. As a college athlete engaged in bike racing, he experienced firsthand the benefits of supplements in endurance events. Little did he know that this early exposure would pave the way for a groundbreaking venture.Post-college, Justin continued to push his limits, participating in endurance cycling events. It was during this time that he stumbled upon the transformative power of the first pre-workout supplement for endurance  sports. The realization that a well-crafted pre-workout could make a significant impact sparked an idea that would later shape the pickleball landscape.Two years ago, Justin took up pickleball, a sport that captured his enthusiasm. Identifying a gap in the market, he envisioned a pre-workout designed specifically for pickleball players. His goal was simple: to enable amateurs to transition seamlessly from their desk to the court, feeling as refreshed as they would on a leisurely Saturday or Sunday morning.Diving into the nuances of pickleball, Justin identified key areas that needed attention – reaction speed, focus, vision, energy, and recovery. With a personal understanding of the challenges, particularly in maintaining focus with ADHD, he set out to create the perfect pre-workout formula.The birth of PicklElite and its flagship product, FLOWKAPS, marked a significant milestone in Justin's entrepreneurial journey. The brand name itself, PicklElite, reflects a commitment to excellence in the world of pickleball. FLOWKAPS, carefully named to evoke the feeling it brings to players, encapsulates the essence of the product – a seamless flow of energy and focus.To ensure the highest quality, Justin collaborated with an industry expert, an acquaintance with a stellar track record of formulating over 500 products. The formulation process was meticulous, and after rigorous testing, FLOWKAPS proved to be the game-changer Justin had envisioned.Taking a leap of faith, Justin went all in, producing the first order of FLOWKAPS. Now, over a year into this transformative journey, PicklElite is gearing up to make waves in the pickleball community. With plans to showcase the product at events throughout spring and summer 2024, Justin is poised to redefine the playing experience for pickleball enthusiasts.From the Navy to the pickleball court, Justin Rumley's story is one of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to elevating the game for players everywhere. The journey continues, and the courts are ready for the energy and focus that FLOWKAPS brings to the pickleball arena.

USS Camden AOE2

Justin served onboard the USS Camden from 1994-1997

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